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Let’s Have Peaceful Talks About Our Fate As Zimbabweans In The Diaspora

Criminality can not be labelled on one nation, we would be untrue to ourselves By Darlington Taste Firstly I would like to acknowledge the President of the Republic of SA, Honourable Cyril Ramaphosa, the Minister of Home Affairs, the governmental leaders, the army, the police force, all political parties and movements, different organisations, churches, the entire national of SA, the Zimbabwean Community in SA and all other foreign nations like me. As a concerned Zimbabwean, I do not belong to any movement or party. I have no intentions to fight the present government nor challenge any other movement. This is a call for peace and unity over the current situation with foreign nationals. Out of my own personal convictions as an Agent Of Change, I hereby submit my personal opinions and thoughts towards the current situation with foreign nationals in order for us to experience change in SA. I respect some of the views and thoughts brought on the table by the leader of Dudula Movement Nhlanhla Lux. We understand their frustrations and the people represented: 1. SA must come first in everything. 2.

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