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Writing Fiction With Nhamo Muchagumisa: Separate Comforts

A huge brown serpent rested on her bed in a heap of enormous coils, horrendous enough to scare the devil out of his breath By Nhamo Muchagumisa Deline had spent the entire night on the carpet while her bed   stood half a metre high against her horizontal body, like a decorated platform. It was on the carpet that Deline had had her first dream of home, yet home would never be a place of happy returns. Her new bedroom had turned out to be a grim manifestation of the darker side of the fulfilment of the desires of the heart. She was now living in the house she had built behind her husband's back, with Takazvida's assistance of course, yet despite the sense of self edification that she now struggled to hold on to, her first dream of home had visited her. Before sleep had fully evaporated from her eyes, she had stretched her right arm to sense the emptiness of the other half of her bed, as it was Dera's custom to rise thirty or so minutes before his wife. Dera's name got trapped in her vocal cords before she could sound it as she realised immediately that

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