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DSE Strategist Trust Sibanda Rolls Out Zimbabwe Business Network

Routine phonecall With Top DSE Current Affairs News Analyst Proves To Be A Master Stroke In Business News Networking The Sunday Express What sounded like a routine phonecall from one of the best current affairs news analysts on The Sunday Express this week - proved to be a master stroke. Trust Sibanda is a familiar figure in the Sunday Express, and not only does he bring trust, opinion, analysis, perspectives and incisive business knowledge - he is without doubt a very knowledgeable man about Zimbabwean politics. Sibanda called the online newspaper to say that he had participated in the survey to inform the digital strategy of the Sunday Express - which called for the need to consolidate the market that has been created by the DSE communities. Where the Sunday Express had handpicked many of our contributors into clusters of news and current affairs feeder groups of information - it was time to heed the call for giving back to those same communities - by creating even more nodal points where the newspaper will network and See News Differently. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The same networks which are operating under the Property Digest, Healthcare Magazine, Farmers

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