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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: Know What You Are Eating: All In 4 Health

Minding your well-being: #Allin4health #health4all #minding your wellbeing #healthawareness By Dr TW Ngwenya Changamire Know what you are eating: This week on the Sunday Express: The topic for discussion is: SUGAR We are consuming a lot of sugar, on a daily basis and in most cases we are not aware of this. Sugar in excess leads to weight gain resulting in obesity. Obesity leads to cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and increases risk of cancer. You probably have started to cut off the amount of cake, biscuits or doughnuts in an attempt to cut down sugar and lose weight, this is good. Sadly, the scale is not budging, or your weight is actually increasing. This might be because you are still eating foods with a lot of sugar in them.

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