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Zanu-PF Sandton Reveals Its Executive Following Launch Of Branch Website

Party rolls out whatsapp code of conduct for Sandton Branch, and Pledges Full Allegiance To President Emmerson Mnangagwa The Sunday Express This week the Zanu-PF Sandton branch launched its website - which for the first time - gives insight into the workings of the organisation's inner circle - and the publishing of its executive committee of office bearers. While chairman Advocate Simba Chitando has been the face of Zimbabwe's ruling party in Sandton since the formation of the branch in October last year - the launch of the branch website this week went further in unveiling the 20-men and women leadership committee of secretaries - described on the platform as technocrats and professionals. The launch of the website comes amid changes in the Zanu-PF district in South Africa - which has undergone structural re-alignments since former President Robert Mugabe was toppled by his (then-fired-deputy) Emmerson Mnangagwa in November 2017. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); The events of November 2017 set off a chain of events which pitted elements of G-40 - which was aligned to President Mugabe, and the victors: the Lacoste which eventually took power in Zimbabwe, and led Zanu-PF to a disputed

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