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Indeni (family genes). Talking DNA: Translated From Isindebele: Part 1

We inherit one set of 23 chromosomes from our mother and one set of 23 chromosomes from our father By Bhekani Dube Humans have plants that when we look at them we take something and use it to make certain words or sentences that we use in speech or in the advice about life. I would like to focus more on one of the crops we call them manioc, these are pumpkins, cucumbers, melons and water melons. These crop's growth cycle starts by planting the seed into warm ground- and after the seed receives adequate nutrients, sunlight, and water, it sprouts out of the soil and then starts blossom. It can grow wide, cover with leaves, reach the stage of flowering and then grow fruits. This small fruit later becomes the original seed bearer of the family tree.

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