Community News: TCT Empire Lights Up Gweru Mtapa Wedding Scene

Gweru Mtapa DSE News Community Takes Off With Interview With Local Coach, Entreprenuer and TCT Manager Terryboy The Dancer The Sunday Express News is never far away from The Sunday Express - and The Sunday Express is never far from the news. This week on the DSE community newsgroup we unearthed an enterprising dancer and his dancing troupe - who are turning their neighbourhood of Gweru Mtapa into a dance threatre on social media. Coach, motivational speaker, and leader of TCT Empire - Terryboy The Dancer told the Sunday Express' 5 million News Readers Network this week that he and his troupe had humble beginnings where they would just approach any wedding party - sometimes uninvited - and offer to dance for them. “Tainzi boiys dze rice. We would see people preparing their wedding steps and we would ask them if they would just allow us a few moments to entertain them. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); "For payment they would just give us rice. All we were asking for was an opportunity.

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