It’s More Than 100 Days Since Russia Invaded Ukraine: Here’s The Lowdown

Frankly speaking, there is no hope in sight now. The Americans have just strengthened their hegemony in Europe By Terrence Mwedzi More than 100 days have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, and the conflict between the two countries seems far from over. Civilians are undoubtedly the biggest victims of this modern war, which is very worrying It seems that the antagonists have abandoned the meaningful passage of talks to end this ongoing war, but the situation on the surface raises the solid question of how the modern world can prevent such a strange conflict from recurring. As we speak, more than six million innocent civilians have fled the country to neighboring countries like Poland... since the start of the Russia/Ukraine war, dozens and dozens of people have been killed, and cities and towns have been destroyed. Frankly speaking, there is no hope in sight now that this conflict will end soon. People’s lives have been affected and life will never be the same. Surely this war could have been avoided. Hopefully, the call for a peaceful resolution will get louder and louder because this conflict is affecting so many things not just in Ukraine but around the world.

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