We shall contain useful conversations for investors, advertisers, verified real estate agents and everyone who is at Real Estate Invest – in DSE Property Digest II – as this is the group that will receive premium investment information

By The Sunday Express Property Digest

Thank you so much for restoring order to the Sunday Express property listings newsgroups Sir Nyakatawa.

When we started the Property Digest listings last year – round about the same time that Leimen Limited also started Property Investment Broadcasting sessions – we didn’t know where this was going to lead us.

We are truly amazed at how the real estate communities and networks have connected – seemlessly and to great effect.

Also the extent of the depth and wealth of information, expertise, knowledge and investment opportunities that lie in wait, not only for our readers and subscribers in the Sunday Express – but for everyone – are huge.

In your own words Sir Nyakatawa: the cake is just too big for one or two people to eat alone.
But if we cut and divide it in equal measures – we all get a slice.



We know that half of the members in the DSE Property Digest Magazine are from this side: Leimen Limited Real Estate Invest. But many others joined from our own readers networks.

Many times the Sunday Express wouldn’t ask kuti who is posting property listings on our social platforms, where they got them, who exactly is or was buying or selling land, or property.

That’s because of the sheer number of daily additions, sometimes in hundreds per day necessitating multiple whatsapp groups.

Infact the scale of online newspaper business is such that we wouldn’t possibly know all readers by name, brand, or profession – even if we tried to data process with a very small team.

Having 5 million reader per month is a huge market to serve news and information to. Managing their needs and requirements is totally another thing.

But with the way things kept unfolding, it has become necessary to restore order to the business environment in the Property Digest Magazine and its pages on the Sunday Express.

Since two weeks ago when Estate Agent Mutsa Chikede from Terezim Properties posted the Estate Agents Professional Conduct Rules – we have gone through the document, and we shall henceforth be guided by it – and in particular: Section 15 – which defines the rules for property advertising, and the conduct of estate agents.

For our close Sunday Express networks – we shall henceforth introduce ourselves as what is happening in Real Estate Invest, as a way of commencing soft verification to (your membership) the Property Digest online newspaper network, transactions, and business environments.



Like this:
Hello, my name is Kenneth Chikanga. Myself and our team run the *Sunday Express* online newspaper. Our website is www.zimbabwedigitalexpress.com.

Our newspaper marketing division runs the *Property Digest Magazine* and we offer tailermade business advertising, marketing, products and services, current affairs news, information and analytics information to over 5 million readers across the globe every month.

We shall contain useful conversations for investors, advertisers, verified real estate agents and everyone who is at Real Estate Invest – in DSE Property Digest II – as this is the group that will receive premium investment information, future development opportunities, how to invest and make money in property, and consolidation of the network with Real Estate Invest international newsgroups.

Thus we are opening up the doors to top-end advertisers, through to:
Banks and Financial Institutions
Global Property Developers
New Living Investors
Hotels and Malls
Real Estate Managers
Publishers, Institutions, Online Media
And everyone else with an Interest In Real Estate




We will keep the overflow group – but with a new link – so that we rationalise the Property Digest into a proper Investment Magazine, and give back the value to everyone in the advertisers newsgroups.

Just thought I could respond quickly to the movement that is taking place in the property listings groups. There is a lot more in the pipeline in terms of the Sunday Express itself, I wouldn’t exhaust everything in this article alone. But that is a conversation for next week.

Tosanganana ikoko. Here’s the new link


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