Russian Philosopher Dugin: This Is Not A War With Ukraine, This Is A Confrontation With Globalism

Russian philosopher Alexander Dugin, said to be the brains behind President Putin By Shaban Syed Contrary to reports in western media, the US-instigated war in Ukraine is failing, despite billions of dollars of weapons, funds and mercenaries sent by NATO to “weaken” Russia. While these reports continually reiterate how the world condemns Russia for its military actions in Ukraine, they omit the fact that by “world” they mean the white Anglo Saxon countries consisting mainly of US, UK, Europe, and Australia. According to analysts the Ukraine war has deepened the divide between the Global North and the Global South, with the latter still recovering from the unending ‘War on Terror’ policies that destabilised countries in the Middle East, Asia, and Africa to the point where there are thousands of US Special Forces in over 140 countries involved in clandestine operations answerable to no one. Julian Assange is in jail for precisely this reason, exposing US and NATO crimes committed against civilians with impunity. Not only has the Global South not condemned Russia, but instead countries previously bullied by the US through the IMF, World Bank and sanctions are applauding President Putin

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