Why Zanu-PF And President Mnangagwa Will Prevail In 2023, And Beyond

Courtesy of the Zimbabwe is Open for Business policy, Afrochine Smelting is establishing an integrated chrome mining and processing operation  - which will be Africa’s largest steel manufacturing plant By Kennedy Mapesa Mandaza It is now a foregone conclusion that ZANU PF and President Mnangagwa are going to win the 2023 elections resoundingly. There are many reasons why ZANU PF, the people's party, and the President and First Secretary of ZANU PF are poised to win the watershed elections which are going to take place in 2023. The MDC formations which include CCC, ZAPU and other small parties will be put into their right places. The political landscape of Zimbabwe is going to be defined by what parties have been able to do for the people, and what they have for the future of the majority of Zimbabweans. Undeniably, ZANU PF over the years has proven that it is a party will clear policies and programmes which define the future of Zimbabweans. These policies and programmes were the bedrock upon which the liberation struggle was fought for.

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