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Bed of Broken Glass

Grayson Turned To Michelle And Said: "Will you marry me?" Michelle blushed By Nhamo Muchagumisa Mavis was dismayed that Michelle's sympathies for Grayson had gone too far. Had she lost her sanity? Surely, what she saw as she drove into Grayson's workplace was nauseating, revolting, or repulsive to say the least. Her cousin was busy with the cloth, washing one of the cars parked in the yard, while Grayson, in grubby work suit was busy with the window panes of his employer's mansion. Alighting from the car she approached her cousin, shouting reproachfully, " Did my father pick you up from the mud to disgrace yourself in this manner?" "Cousin, honour and disgrace are words which man created in an effort to define life's positive and negative realities. I seldom think of such words," Michelle responded calmly. Meanwhile, Grayson brought what he was doing to an abrupt pause to go and meet his wife. "Welcome to my workplace sweetheart.

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