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Kwali4U Redefines The Convenience Of Zim Diaspora Healthcare Transactions

Innovative entrepreneurs turn sofware development into an 'all-winners' tripartite alliance between doctors and specialists, pharmacies and patients The Sunday Express This week your favourite newspaper features one of the most innovative services for the convenience of healthcare provision for Zimbabweans - powered by Zimbabweans living and working in the diaspora. Kwali4U is a new service which allows users the peace of mind to pay for medical services from anywhere across the globe - while changing the face and operations of Zimbabwe's healthcare and medical services transactions - through whatsapp. After spending a few months with our new products division to discover how innovations by Zimbabweans in the diaspora have transformed cross-border transactions through secure financial networks - we came across Kwali4U - and have been blown away by how the outfit has redefined this word: convenience. Convenience for the sender of money: easy to join and use, peace of mind, and making sure that money sent for medication is used for what it is intended for. And trust of convenience where medication can be dispersed by a service provider in an emergency - even where money sent from abroad has not been received by the partner. Kwali4U basically links

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