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There Is No Smoke Without Fire

This kind of turn in conversation leaves the nation in shock, and some asking themselves, "Is it worth it?" By Bhekani Dube The year 2022 has brought us worries and weird revelations. We have just passed the first half of the year and we have already experienced heartbreaking occasions in life. We would explore some of these burning matters of the Ndebele ethnic group which is also known as Mthwakazians. Additionally; this nation is also referred to as AmaHlabezulu because it once defeated the Zulus on one of its battles that were part of the war it finally lost; leading King Mzilikazi to leave KwaZulu and head north. King Mzilikazi finally reached present-day Matabeleland in 1840: he died in 1868. He was succeeded by his son Prince Lobengula in 1870, who ruled until December 1893 when he was exiled by the royal chartered the British South Africa Company. It was the superiority of weapons that led to the destruction of the mighty Ndebele Kingdom. After several attempts to resuscitate the Kingship, we find ourselves once again hot on our faces with rotten eggs.

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