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Face Of An Angel: In Its Honey Sweetness

The results of your DNA tests reveal that the boy is in deed your son. Congratulations Nhamo Muchagumisa Pamela and Fungai had requested for HIV tests, but how come that the doctors had run DNA tests? If such highly educated people at such a reputable institution could make such a blunder, surely one would be forgiven for suspecting that some of the people who died in hospital did not always succumb to the maladies that brought them to hospital, but to wrong prescriptions or even blatant negligence. But now she had the DNA test results, she still needed to find a sensible use for them. Pamela thought she was making the right decision in her efforts to settle down. She had given both emotional therapy to emotionally estranged men and sexual gratification to men whose lasciviousness for the opposite sex was in some way maniacal. When Pamela had met Fungai in one of the most popular market places downtown, she had a few questions to ask him. "But you are almost a child.

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