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On The Back Of A Swift Cloud

She was not going to be talking about Portia and Bassanio or Florizzel and Perdita. She was going to talk about the relationship between her daughter and her student By Nhamo Muchagumisa When Edwin joined Fair Tread Tyres on attachment, a sense of rejuvenation rushed within his bloodstream. He felt the rust within his veins melting away and the relief within his nerve fibres was unimaginable. The freshness that jetted into his lungs with every draught of air that inflated the elastic tissue within his chest made his mind race a countless millennia back into history when the LORD transformed Adam from clay to flesh. He was twenty-four years old, and his mother had given birth to him at the age of 19. He had reached the age of parenthood, but the thought of any relationship with a female person only visited his mind like a fleeting cloud. The ultimate reward for such a relationship was invariably an endless bath in secret tears. Away from the mob of age mates and book-nourished youths, he would have the opportunity to put his mind to task on pertinent issues of life.

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