The Final Ticket

It is when the furthest a person can get away from you is the length of your arm that you begin to learn about the side of their character you were never able to discern By Nhamo Muchagumisa Ms Chingeya sorely wished Maronga should have given her a second child before turning his back on her forever, preferably a son, but he had been in such a hurry that he had taken leave on the day his only child with her was born. This did not mean that Belinda was less a treasure to her than a son should have been. She just thought that would have balanced the equation. "The dunghill does not stink anymore," she said to herself on the day she learnt about her betrayal. "It is actually the inner quarters of the beautiful house that stink as they are furnished with closets full of rotting things." Surely, the best things in life were being relegated to the dung heap.

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