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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: All In For Health: Women’s Month, Women’s Health

“Minding your well-being: Women’s month, Women’s health: Health Screening For Women By Dr TW Ngwenya-Changamire General medical check-ups should be done on an annual basis. This will enable earlier detection of risks that may lead to chronic disease and allow for early intervention and prevention of disease occurrence. This week we will be discussing routine screening in women and the recommended stages these should be done. In women aged between 18 and 39, these tests below should be done every 2 years. Blood pressure screening is important. In the health matters section, we have discussed how untreated blood pressure can cause strokes, kidney disease and heart conditions. The recommended blood pressure is a systolic blood pressure below 139 and a diastolic blood pressure below 90. Systolic blood pressure is the top value and diastolic blood pressure is the bottom value. If blood pressure reads between 130 – 139 for top value and 85 – 90 for the bottom value it is recommended that blood pressure be checked annually.

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