A Lucrative New African Football League Is Coming: The Pros And Cons

It’s clear that there are strengths and weaknesses to the shiny new Africa Super League By Chuka Onwumechili The Confederation for African Football (Caf) recently announced plans for a continent-wide Africa Super League. It will kick off with 24 clubs from 16 countries in August 2023. The new tournament will run annually from August until May, with 197 games in a format much like the European UEFA Champions League. It starts off with the teams grouped in three zones – North Africa, West/Central Africa and East/Southern Africa. The top 16 clubs move into a knockout phase. The enticement is a projected US$200 million windfall from Caf with 25% of the funds going to the development of women’s and youth football. The rest goes into prize money for participating clubs. The champion club will receive US$11.5 million and all members of Caf will get US$1 million each.

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