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Behind The Cascading Wetness

She felt at home, as if she was under the colossal mukwa tree, a few metres behind her main house By Nhamo Muchagumisa Mrs Mapingire could not easily identify the object of her anger. Should it be Mavis? How could she speak to her as if she saw the devil incarnate in her own mother? Should it be Michelle, whom her daughter had taken into custody at her own very advice, and ended up wedding her son in-law? Could it be her husband's humanitarianism. No, Michelle was the trouble causer. She should have left Grayson find another woman. But at this point her thoughts split into mazes. What difference would it make? Would that make her daughter less a divorcee? Less a disgrace? Michelle had grown up in Mrs Mapingire's hands and she had never seen a more promising wife. But marrying a divorced man was not Mrs. Mapingire's  idea of an ideal marriage. Mrs Mapingire was seized by an unexplainable fatigue and a kind of dizziness that had afflicted her when she had fallen pregnant for the first time.

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