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Let’s Talk About Health Matters: Fertility Series: Understanding Infertility

All In For Health: Minding Your Well-Being By Dr TW Changamire-Ngwenya Infertility is a condition that affects women and men. It is common and it may give rise to social and psychological problems. It is often assumed that when a couple fails to conceive it is because the woman is infertile. This is not true. We need to correct this belief in the community. As I have mentioned, infertility is a condition which can affect men and women. When a couple is failing to conceive it is important for both to go for fertility testing. Fertility tests are conducted on both. Often women are found in doctor’s rooms alone, undergoing tests alone. This is not ideal. This will cause further delay in identifying the cause of infertility and will therefore cause further delay in treatment. Infertility affects millions of people of reproductive age throughout the world.

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