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Zimbabwe Inflation Hovering At 257%: Question Over Cushion Of The Gold Coins

The Firewood Costs A Dollar For A Small Bundle Enough (To Cook) For A Single Meal By Farai Mutsaka After working as an overnight security guard at a church in Harare’s impoverished Mabvuku township, Jeffrey Carlos rushes home to help his wife fetch water to sell. Prolonged water shortages mean most residents of the capital city of more than 2.4 million must source their own water. Carlos is lucky because the property he rents has a well and his family can haul up buckets of water to sell to neighbors. “This is our gold,” he says of the well water. “If we are lucky, we can sell up to 12 buckets of water (per day) for $2,” said the 50-year-old father of three. That’s about enough money to buy the family’s food for the day, he said. Rising prices and a fast depreciating currency have pushed many Zimbabweans to the brink, reminding people of when the southern African country faced world-record inflation of 5 billion% in 2008.

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