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United Zimbabwe Alliance Meets Zimbabweans In South Africa, Plans African Federation

Party's Presidium Meets African Politicians And Civic Organisations From Different Countries DSE News Correspondent The United Zimbabwe Alliance (UZA) leaders - led by party President Elisabeth Valerio were in South Africa this week - as part of the party’s efforts to engage and have an insight into the lived realities and challenges faced by Zimbabweans living and working there. The party’s presidium - including Vice President Reverend Frank Mhlanga, Youth Chairperson Shingirai Mikhali Chabata and National Engagement and Mobilisation Secretary, Rebecca Ndlovu - met South Africa-based party leaders and members before engaging other Zimbabweans in South Africa. The party released a statement saying: “Our visit to South Africa was meant to ascertain the needs of our citizens in the diaspora and have candid conversations about their welfare and circumstances of their stay in South Africa. "As a party, we want to find out what they need to be done back home in order to ensure their safe return.” During the visit, the party held several meetings with stakeholders apprising them of the developments being made back home in Zimbabwe and how the party is preparing for the upcoming 2023 general elections. The party's presidium also met like-minded

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