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Until Zimbabweans Become Tax Collectors, Nothing Will Change

Zimbabwe's Informal Economy In Itself Is Worth Millions As Dollars Are Exchanged Daily By Tendayi Kaitano Having driven through Bulawayo this week, I made some very interesting observations: the country is very poor, it’s very evident; the country is also very rich, it’s also very evident. Zimbabwe doesn’t need to get loans from global lenders: the country is too rich for that. Zimbabweans are a resilient lot, very hard-working people who go about their daily chores with the aplomb of a hard-working society. This is clear for all to see. In truth, the country should not worry about sanctions. They have no effect on Zimbabwe if the country’s management does a few things right. I drove through the market area the Bulawayo, and the congestion with traders all over was palpating.

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