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What A Flood Of News About The Death Of Newsmaker: Queen Elizabeth II

Kana Mugabe Chaiye Waichinja Step Kana Wachifamba Na Queen Elizabeth The Sunday Express Editorial So then, our beloved Queen died this week, and it turns out to be the single biggest death in living memory. Why so because she leaves not only a divided legacy - not least controversial - but one which we cannot deny her place as a modern living newsmaker worth her crown of the weight. Through her Monarchy is a hegemony that has aptly defined the modernist meaning of royalty of the highest order. For us as Africans the lingering memory of the British Empire - which once ruled the length and breath of this continent - has been thrown wide open for news media scrutiny - and to the effect that our countries speak English - the Queen's English. It is a rule that continues to this day. It is difficult not to listen to - and understand victims of some of the worst atrocities ever carried out by humans on each other like the brutality of colonialism, voyages of exploration and the vagaries of slavery. It is all there in the history books.

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