Kwali4U Health Tips Series: Respiratory Conditions: Managing Asthma

When you understand asthma symptoms, you can determine what the triggers are, what immediate medical attention is required Own Correspondent Asthma is a respiratory condition where the airways get inflamed (swell up) and narrow, producing extra mucus, which makes it difficult to breathe. Asthma patients have sensitive airways that overreact and narrow when encountering the smallest of triggers. Diagnosis of Asthma is to be confirmed by suitably qualified medical professionals. In this blog our Kwali4u team shares with you some useful tips on what triggers asthmatic attacks; its symptoms, management and recommended lifestyle changes. If you or someone you know suffers from Asthma, then this blog is for you. In the event you or a family member has asthma, you should know what will be happening in the airways and how to recognize common asthma symptoms. When you understand asthma symptoms, you can determine what the triggers are, when there is a need for quick-relief medications, and when immediate medical attention is required. Asthma causes three changes to your airways, the first one is when there is swelling within the airways. The swelling of airways then causes clogging in the airways by mucus.

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