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The Deeper End of The Aftermath

A compromise is only a compromise when it is made, but when it becomes reality it ceases to be what it was By Nhamo Muchagumisa Majanisa had not given up on Carolina. He wanted her back in his arms, despite the feigned rape shout that had never beguiled him. He had immediately taken the rape story with the intention of cutting down the audacious garden boy cum gateman for polluting his conjugal rights. Carolina never allowed the thought of returning to Majanisa to sweeten the experiences of a woman whose fall from grace was the deepest a pessimist heart could perceive, especially as newspapers had narrated the story of her infidelity with malice and gusto. Her withdrawal of the charges against Gwiri created a cheap woman out of her, a woman who would pledge her nudity for pleasure and then create a rape story to repair her image, without pausing to consider the deeper end of the aftermath. Immediately after filing rape charges against Samson Gwiri, Carolina and Majanisa had agreed to send Muna, their four year old daughter to Carolina's elder sister.

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