Some individuals are receiving donations from the West to bad-mouth Zimbabwe on a daily basis


By Terrence Mwedzi


It is sad if not worrisome to note that these days ‘some’ Zimbabweans are the ones who advocating for sanctions and all the confusion was created by the Western godfathers. They want to please the West and ‘force’ regime change in Zimbabwe- their nefarious agendas have been exposed.

They must bear in mind that the unconstitutional route is not easy to take. It is suicidal. Furthermore, the cruel and evil effects of illegal sanctions are being felt in the country – poor people are the most affected. The concrete evidence is being witnessed on the ground.

In contrast, the sanctions have also caused regional instability/problems and pushed many graduates to migrate to other developed countries in search of greener pastures/opportunities – and many are now facing serious problems in foreign lands like xenophobia, slavery, human trafficking etc…



Back home, industries collapsed a few decades ago as a result of illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe and the Second Republic is trying – by all means – to put things back on track, but the sanctions are still biting very hard. Surely, we are not out of the woods yet.

The are some folks who want to see our country grinding to a halt. That’s very bad. I have also noticed that some individuals are still receiving donations from the Western World to bad-mouthing Zimbabwe on a daily basis.

Some have since opened ghost accounts on social media to create false narratives against their country – Zimbabwe. It boggles the mind. When will this end? This has to stop.

I also feel that the media has a big role to play in publishing stories that can speak about the effects or the dangers of the evil sanctions that were imposed on Zimbabwe by the Western regimes

Furthermore, the agricultural sector is not spared by these illegal sanctions. Zimbabwe has been struggling to restore the country’s breadbasket status since 2000.

We all know that the main issue was not about human rights abuses in Zimbabwe, but the land reform program that was spearheaded by the late Cde R.G Mugabe.



l can safely say that The West is still bitter about the land issue because a lot of Zimbabweans benefited from the land program.

The land is ours. The land belongs to us – but we are now suffering because Mugabe took back the land and gave it to the rightful owners. The land issue was/is not negotiable.

It is not untrue that we used to export wheat, and tobacco, to the wider world, especially to other African nations but today Zimbabwe is a net importer of foodstuffs from the Western World. They are benefiting – want us to rely on them. Yes- we must shun dependency.

They must let us produce our own food because we have enough land, not to put many restrictions on us. It is an open secret that Agriculture is the backbone of our economy. Zimbabwe must be food self-sufficient.

I would like to commend the presidents of Botswana, Malawi, South Africa, and Mozambique for fighting in Zimbabwe’s corner. They are understanding the effects of sanctions better.

It’s not cheap politicking. Sanctions are real.



We have been living in isolation for so long and this must come to an end. They (the West) can not say that sanctions are targeted when their effects are being felt by ordinary citizens- in both rural and urban areas. Who is fooling who here?

The noise must be louder – we must unite against the sanctions now not tomorrow- if we truly love our nation. Zimbabweans- let us pull in one direction.

Terrence Mwedzi is an international award-winning Zimbabwean poet and currently residing in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. He writes to Digital Sunday Express in his own capacity and can be contacted at: +27611370088 Email:





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