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The Enemy From Inside: Scourge Of Black Colonialism Carried Out By The Current African Elite

For the current petty elite, everything they do means further exploitation and dehumanisation of our people By Kenneth Dumbura The biggest enemy of our progress is the current African elite. Who are they and how to recognise them? They have achieved a social status by association with the colonial apparatus. It means if we will ban English or French in Africa tomorrow, they will lose everything including themselves. If you'd ban the import of foreign milk, coffee, and soap, they will fight us, because they prefer everything that is not local. They have turned our alienation into a social status. Not speaking our languages, not dressing African, not eating African, not building African, not dancing African... all mean you have moved to a higher social status. Not being or looking African physically and culturally is viewed as a better and more desirable way, and the petty elite represents that model. They believe in white superiority and black inferiority. They live in Africa just like the British colonisers did.

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