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The Only Road

His behaviour had been urged by a developing relationship, not a savage instinct to satiate a dangerously suppressed desire By Nhamo Muchagumisa Losses are part of the walk of life. People who claim never to have lost anything never possessed anything of value at all. But there are some losses that make everything that remains decline significantly in value, so that it is just as good as having nothing. Such losses even make every new gain meaningless, even a job with a good salary. Samson Gwiri sat in his ninth floor office, viewing the city below through the mist of shattered prospects. Yes, everything was bright to the physical eye, the duallised roads, the parking lots, vehicles of all sizes,  pedestrians from all walks of life, the traffic lights; the list is endless. But Samson's inner eye saw a life that had been stripped of everything that made life meaningful. Anything of value that would bring positive change to his life seemed to be vacuumed away! The tragedy of being framed had been a blessing in disguise to him, as people might say.

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