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The Dilemma Of The Zimbabwean In A South African Hospital

MEC Phophi Ramathuba and Former Minister Of Health Aaron Motsoaledi started the fire By Bhekani Dube A Zimbabwean woman lies in the cold after Krugersdorp hospital denied her health attention, only because she is a Zimbabwean illegal migrant. The young lady was left bleeding after giving birth allegedly after being neglected by health caregivers at the institutions. Luyanda Moyo, 21, from Tsholotsho- Maqethuka line in Zimbabwe visited a South African medical centre to give birth but was allegedly met with poor treatment and lack of attention because of her nationality. Moyo gave birth at the Yusuf Dadoo hospital in Krugersdorp to a baby weighing 4kg. Despite complaining of pain and excessive bleeding, she alleged that the medical staff in the maternity ward did not pay attention to her. They just ignored her as if they don't see or hear her groaning in agony. Luyanda’s cousin, Gibson Ndethi, said that the lady was so neglected to the point of being the last patient in the ward. Nurses found Luyanda dead hours after giving birth.

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