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We Can’t All Be Presidents. Let’s Accept To Be Led By Others The Way We Wish To Lead

If we succeed in this plan we may help millions of undecided voters who are looking forward to a new blend of politics By Akson Potera Call for all growing parties to come together and form a grand coalition or one big competitive party that ushers new politics in Zimbabwe ie politics for Unity, Peace, Economic and Social development.* We can't be all presidents and let's accept to being led by others the same as we wish to lead. It is not the level of the position one holds or occupies in the government, organisation or party that counts but one's resilience, determination, dedication and most of all capability to deliver. I think there are so many capable individuals in growing parties who need the opportunity to prove themselves and it is their constitutional right to work for their splendid Zimbabwe. I m calling upon all caring and loving Zimbabwe political leaders to consider the urgent formation of a grand coalition. No substantive reason can be given why can't we unite except futile power with nothing for the people. The division of leaders leads to the division of followers or voters and the end loser is the voter

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