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Distressed Villagers Accuse Govt Of Human Rights Violations As Chinese Continue Mining Black Granite

Mounting Calls For Action Over Increasing Environmental And Infrastructure Degradation By Bongani Siziba Conflicts between communities in Mutoko, Zimbabwe and Chinese-owned mining companies such as Shanghai Haoyuan, Jinding Mining and Bozimo are causing havoc among villagers in Nyamakope. Nyamakope village - in the district of Mutoko - is about 100 miles east of Harare where local communities say they are being forced from their ancestral lands without compensation to pave the way for mining operations. They say they are not sure what the future holds now that these Chinese companies are exploring quarry mining of black granite in the region, a cause of concern. Similarly in Marange - Manicaland province in Chiadzwa - hundreds of villagers were also forced off their land in 2011 and till today many face displacement to make way for Chinese firms. It's 5am. The pale blue sky is floating with white clouds, the breeze blowing the leaves beside the road, while birds leap back and forth on trees as if telling us that a new day has begun.

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