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Now, upon my return to my native country and hometown, all the homesickness healed in a flash and my longings turned towards Harare By Nhamo Muchagumisa I wanted to work in the capital and visit my home as a tourist. I knew very little about the scenic places that surrounded the city of my upbringing, all mastered between the pages of a school textbook. The Vumba Mountains, Nyanga and Mutarazi Falls became the heartbeat of my homesickness when I was studying abroad, yet I had never set foot in any of these places. Now I felt no pang at all about my wish to leave the border town without visiting at least one of these places first. My eyes brightened to the prospect of being invited for an interview by at least one of the Harare based companies to which I had emailed job applications. I never knew that I could be so attached to my homeland until I went to study overseas. The life I had lived back home was one a lot of people who surrounded me envied, but the absence of two important figures from my life sometimes made it a nightmare.

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