Captains of Industry led by Dr Danisa Baloyi and civil society organisations represented by Mr Ngqabutho Mabhena will make representations on issues affecting their respective industries




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The African Development Consortium (ADC), will be hosting the Inaugural Zimbabwe Repatriation and Investment Conference on the 10th of November at Birchwood Hotel & OR Tambo Conference Centre in Boksburg, Johannesburg.

The Conference comes at a time when the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit program is coming to an end and thousands of Zimbabwean migrants working, studying or running businesses in South Africa who do not qualify for other permits find
themselves forced to repatriate voluntarily or face deportation back to Zimbabwe in June 2023.

In the absence of any engagement of the affected migrants by both the South African and the Zimbabwean governments on how repatriation will take place, ADC has identified the need for dialogue amongst stakeholders that include migrants
themselves, government, civil society organisations, non-governmental organisations, and businesses in the form of a one-day conference.

The Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi has delegated the Acting Deputy Director General of Immigration Services, Mr Yusuf Simons to deliver the keynote address on his behalf at the conference and address issues relating to the renewal of ZEPs and answer a myriad  of questions.




Captains of Industry from business in South Africa led by Dr Danisa Baloyi and Civil society organisations represented by Mr Ngqabutho Mabhena will be present and will make their representations on issues affecting their respective industries at the conference.

Participants have been drawn from both Zimbabwean communities in South Africa as well as South African business people who have a vested interest in the welfare of Zimbabweans on ZEP or aim to establish business networks that will result in bilateral business collaborations between Zimbabweans and South Africans.

About the African Development Consortium, ADC, NPC Formerly known as the Migrant Workers’ Association (MWASA), The African Development Consortium, NPC, is a registered non-profit company focused on developmental activities in Africa.

Mr Maplanka said that Mwasa had been mobilising migrants in South Africa since 2014, and had assisted ZEP holders throughout the tragedy of the Covid-19 years to date.

While many ZEP holders were not against returing to Zimbabwe – many did not have information about opportunities, and others had requested assurances on investor confidence, empowerment, partnerships, and maintenance of existing trade and networks through mining, construction, agriculture, security, transports, freight logistics and cross border trade.

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