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How Foreign Entrepreneurs Shape The South African Economy

The whole region purchase most of their business supplies and household staff in South Africa that they send to their home countries By Bongani Sazy Siziba South Africa is a destination for immigrants, especially from other African countries. Their presence is complex issue that has been deeply and irrevocably scarred by violence attacks of foreign nationals and the notion they are taking our jobs. In 2008 riots broke out against foreign nationals, and an image of a Mozambican national Enersto Nhamuave being burnt alive shocked the world. Within a week xenophobic violence spread across South Africa targeting foreigners and Asian nationals, which left more than 50 people killed and 100 000 displaced. Early 2022 another incident of a Zimbabwean national Elvis Nyathi burnt alive again filled the news headlines. In 2013 38 year old Oba Daniels a Nigerian national migrated to South Africa with one thing in mind: How can one shift the narrative of 'foreigners are here to take our jobs'. As an electronics graduate he wanted to showcase his skills, but struggled to start something of his own. In 2017 after a partnership with a friend as a car dealer he decided to put his skills

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