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Lessons For Revolutionary Parties From The Communist Party of China

All these maladies that President Xi pointed out in a brutally honest fashion are what is afflicting ruling parties in Africa Wesley Mashambanhaka Africa’s revolutionary parties – the traditional powerhouses that saw various countries, especially in Southern Africa win the war against colonialism – have been beset with problems that have become a threat to their rule. Oftentimes the blame is on external forces – justifiably so, since Western nations that were defeated over half a century ago are fighting back through undermining the revolutionary parties by sponsoring surrogate opposition parties and working against ruling parties. Zimbabwe, South Africa, Namibia, Angola, Mozambique and – to an extent, Tanzania – all face these problems. These countries are the bastions of erstwhile liberation struggles. However, internal problems are also to blame as these organisations have not effectively dealt with challenges at party and national levels. Institutional weaknesses, lack of succession and renewal matrices, poor checks and balances, failure to plan and implement programmes, sterility, lack of modernisation; among other factors, contribute to the weakening of the revolutionary party today. Continued failure to address these could lead to revolutionary parties not just losing power but also their very existence.

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