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A Fresh Encounter

She then alighted from her car with the rapidity of a panther that had spotted its prey By Nhamo Muchagumisa Milkah was angry with her father for forcing her to accept her new job. He had found no reason why she was rescinding from her earlier desire to work for Shandukai Industrial Equipment Dealers. The reasons she had given him were so desperately childish that her father had not given any of them a second's consideration. "My daughter, I cannot be there for you forever, so get the job that will pay you enough to live on when I am gone," he had argued. "But Dad, why don't you allow me to follow my heart?" "Where was your heart when you applied for that job, when you went for the interview and when you drove back home to tell me that the interview was fair?" Mr. Murasiwa grilled her. "Dad, it may not be as easy as you think.

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