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Reverse The Brainwashing – Information Age Has Given Us The Opportunity To Rethink

Organised religion has done more harm to us as Africans than good - organised religion has separated from the soil of the continent By KVA Muvavarirwa "First of all we need to address what l have labelled as the sheep mentality, as Africans. Sheep as we know are poor, lazy and dumb animals in their nature. Sadly Africans have bought the idea of being defined as lambs of God that was introduced by foreign religions meaning we are accepting to be dumb and lazy as a people. As poor creatures who cannot critically think for themselves, we accept just like we accepted whatever we were taught and we believed it to be true. The sheep mentality made us believe that any free thinker is foolish and he will be punished by God. Sadly, whatever we know, we were taught. Whatever we think, we were taught. That's why our history was falsified and we don't even know it as we are innocent sheep. With the sheep mentality we believe everything we are taught is true.

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