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Time For Zimbabwe To Take Full Advantage Of Close Friendship With Communist Party Of China

Western interventionism has been counterproductive and utterly devastating in some cases as they have fomented coups and wars Maryline Makahamadze There is little doubt that as the year 2022 ends, one of the most significant global political events that took place in the year was the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC). The CPC is the governing party in China, and it enjoys great ties with a host of parties in other parts of the world, including Zimbabwe, where it enjoys close relations with the ruling Zanu-PF. The CPC's 20th National Congress was a festival of ideas that will have a profound effect not just on China's domestic politics but also globally. The issues that came from the Congress are significant and are especially important for developing countries to take full advantage of their friendship with China so as to march with the Asian giant in its advancing development trajectory. Several dynamics underline this. First, China - as the globe's biggest developing country - opened up to friendship with other peoples and sister parties.

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