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Zimbabwe Needs A Mature Unifier, and A Servant Leader In Propelling National Development

Zimbabwean is running the Diaspora Directorate Desk in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade - one of whose purposes is to engage and manage global Zimbabwean Diaspora in nation-building By Tinashe Mukori When President ED Mnangagwa was elected President in 2018, he decided it a priority in his providential wisdom that all Zimbabweans were supposed to put aside their differences, varied political affiliations, ideologies and pursuasions and come up with a national shared vision that would champion the overarching aspirations of all Zimbabweans. In order to achieve this, he invited and brought together all Presidential candidates who participated in the 2018 plebiscite to the table to craft a framework of engagement in coming up with a national shared vision and contribute significantly to the attainment of unity and national development. The notion was that each and everyone of them had ideas and blueprints which represented the aspirations of those who followed them as political leaders, hence they were supposed to bring these ideas to the table in a representative capacity. It is vital to note that this was never about numbers but ideas. Numbers mattered during the election and voting, but now was the time for

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