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Exclusive Court Order: Massive Wealth Acquired By Cottco Bosses Revealed

According to the document, the seizure is meant to preserve the property from dissipation or alienation during investigations DSE News Correspondent A high court application by the Prosecutor General’s Office has exposed that Cotton farmers and Cottco workers are enduring harsh economic conditions while a select few at Cottco enrich themselves and acquire massive unexplained wealth. THE Prosecutor General has gone tough on corruption-accused Maxmore Njani and sought an order to go after the massive loot held by the Cottco bosses accused of corruption. The High Court granted the Prosecutor General approval to seize property worth tens of millions of US dollars allegedly owned by Cotton Company of Zimbabwe’s (COTTCO) corruption-accused bosses which includes 12 trucks with an average worth of US$50,000 each, numerous high-end tractors, trailers and top-of-the-range vehicles that include a US$131,400 Toyota Hilux, the exact make bought for cabinet ministers. The targeted property belongs to COTTCO marketing and business development manager Maxmore Njani who was arrested on corruption charges in June this year together with company managing director Pious Manamike. Njani, who is reportedly eyeing the Mazowe Central seat in Parliament on a Zanu PF ticket has also had large tracts of land

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