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The Many Lessons That Zimbabwe Can Learn From Singapore’s Economic Success

Political risk can be measured in terms of the political stability of a country, their willingness to honour their contracts, debts and to maintain a hospitable climate By Clemence Mupfunya What are the factors that saw an island city-state in the southeast of Asia transform from a developing state to a developed country and from it - to be the most competitive economy in roughly one generation period of time? There are several factors that justify the skyrocketing developments of Singapore economy. From several of those, there are three major factors which are; Firstly, strategic location of the island. Secondly, the friendly policies adopted by the government in regard to foreign investments, and last but not least, the most important one an efficient and honest government. From these three reasons, only one is actually a real competitive advantage. In fact, in terms of location, Zimbabwe is at the heart of the SADC region but has failed to fully utilise such a favourable position as a landlocked country. Being a landlocked country has an advantage as it provides room for natural tariff barrier that protects the country from cheap imports.

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