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Why I Think ZANU-PF Will Win Elections In 2023: Wellington Muzengeza

The politics in Zimbabwe must be grounded on certain principles universal to every other Zimbabwean regardless of their political affiliation By Wellington Muzengeza In Zimbabwe today, I observe that there is a serious lack of historical and political consciousness amongst both the old and the young, and this needs to be taught to young people and older people alike so that our people truly understand what politics is really about. ZANU PF seems to understand this better than the opposition as they continually invoke memories of the liberation struggle and other related strengths to bolster their support even over 50 years after the organization's formation. Despite the party's many political and economic transgressions after independence, it has clarity on the solidity of its founding principles which resonate with most Zimbabweans as well as the broader Pan-Africanist agenda. I believe that this will again give ZANU PF an urge in the next elections in 2023. The fundamentals of governance in Zimbabwe, must always be driven by citizens and citizen-powered institutions that are homegrown.

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