Clergyman Edd Branson Bags Prestigious Certificate of Recognition

Dr Edd Branson Honoured At The Launch Of The Jesus Generation Ministries in New York By Dande Mutande Rising Zimbabwean Clegyman Dr Edd Branson has been awarded the prestigious City of New York Certificate of Recognition this week, at the launch of the Jesus Generation Ministries in New York. The award was bestowed on Dr Branson by New York Mayor Eric Adams, who released an official citation going with the award saying that Branson had worked tirelessly to elevate all those whom he had served and that it was time for his initiatives in the distribution of food and funding of underprivileged students were recognised. "Faith is the driving force of any great mission, and throughout his career, Dr Branson had worked tirelessly to elevate all whom he served. He has held a wide range of diverse roles," the citation said. It added that Dr Branson's philanthropic work had earned him several accolades and he was appointed as Ambassador for the United Nations by the World Habitant Ambassadors Foundation. "I therefore applaud Dr Branson for his efforts to improve the quality of life for all the people in New York and beyond.

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