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My Heart Bleeds For The Ukrainians Whose Lives Will Never Return To Normal

Will this war end soon? Will the Russians be expected to fold their hands? I think it's time to minimise the risk of nuclear conflict - between superpower countries By Terrence Mwedzi In February 2022, Russian troops invaded Ukraine as a result of what many world analysts firmly predicted as a "rapid" regime change of the Zelensky government in Kiev. It is true that the Russian army achieved some success in the early days of the war, quickly capturing many regions of Ukraine, and this was one of Putin's quick and priority goals - the FALL of KIEV - but in the current state of affairs, changes are very insignificant for Moscow to achieve a much-needed goal since Ukrainian troops are still trying to push back the invader. But I can say with confidence that the war may turn in favor of Russia - Ukraine will not win a long war against Russia. On the contrary, the rapid escalation of the conflict in Ukraine has destroyed the dreams of many people - especially civilians in Ukraine, and the situation on the ground is hellish, if not terrible.

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