Zimbabwe’s Delta Corporation and Distell Sound The Alarm Ahead Of Country’s Elections

Delta Corporation - one of the biggest companies on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange - is anticipating that the business environment will take a knock during the upcoming election period Tawanda Karombo ZIMBABWEAN-listed companies fear the country’s upcoming elections will disrupt business owing to the highly charged electoral and polarised political framework, as well as possible policy uncertainties that could reverse volume and revenue-growth prospects. Companies in Zimbabwe, among them units of South African corporates such as Nedbank, Tiger Brands, Pick n Pay and Distell, have been facing lengthy power outages and difficulties with a monetary sector in which the local currency is being sidelined Delta Corporation, the country’s biggest alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages manufacturer, as well as Distell’s associate unit, African Distillers, have reported stronger volume growth in the quarter to the end of December. This has been aided by growth in US dollar revenues. “The operating environment is envisaged to remain unstable.

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