Something grievously wrong happens to the psych when embarrassment turns to anger, worse still if the anger does not precisely distinguish between its source and related issue By Nhamo Muchagumisa Mr Pawadiwa's case had been thrown away by the courts as a result of the state's failure to prove its case beyond any reasonable doubt. Moses and his aunt left the courtroom with fungi in their eyes, hardly able to see their own way to the parking lot from which they would drive home in Aunt Pamela's car. Moses wished their embarrassment would cease as the distance between them and the court increased. The press had made Moses and Aunt Pamela hero and heroine the previous week, when Moses, apparently on Mr Pawadiwa's service to kidnap a young virgin, preferably less than five, for money rituals, decided to connive with his aunt to have Mr Pawadiwa arrested. Now the same papers would tell the flip side of their story, that stank with the pair's malicious desire to tarnish an innocent man's reputation. Nothing in Mr Pawadiwa's actions a few days before the arrest seemed to point out any intention to commit murder.

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