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My Strong Case for Realtime Zimbabwe Highway Traffic Management System (RHTMS)*

How about launching a few traffic drones to patrol the skies of Harare, and monitor the traffic? Surely By Rejoice Ngwenya In this article, seek not to (re)define education, or its intrinsic meaning. I am neither a road engineer nor a logistics executive. I am what we call in local governance a ‘rational concerned citizen’ (RCC) – in this case – a concerned motorist. My message and plea to the Ministry of Transport; Zimbabwe Republic Police (Traffic) and Harare City Council seems to inevitably fall on deaf ears. From the comments I see in my inbox, the matter of traffic jams in Harare during peak hours – especially in the mornings - is no longer a case of ‘good plans on paper’ in someone’s office. It is now a critical emergency because we are definitely heading the wrong direction. Let me repeat that education is not a beautiful certificate from UZ, Oxford, UCT or Harvard hanging in an office. Education is the ability to apply sustainable solutions to practical problems.

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