Zoba Football Club Sets Wadeville’s Carlitos Pub And Grill Alight In Song And Dance

Carlitos Pub And Grill has emerged as a favoured hide-out spot - deep in the manufacturing industry belt - offering everything from mangqina and malusu to braai pack, road runner chicken, short rib, cold beers, ciders and draught The Sunday Express This week Zorba Football Club cemented its ties with Carlitos Clubhouse and Sportsbar with a fantastic happy hour - following a football tournament at Germiston Grounds. Following the confirmation of the partnership which was reported by The Sunday Express last week - Zorba brought the house down at Carlitos - as the club members joined Bra Goodwill to roast the clubhouse partnership - and spread the good cheer in Wadeville. Number 1 Lantana Road Wadeville has become a must-visit for the Greater Germison football family - and this week the Sports Bar, Pub and Grill was a scene of celebration as the popular Happy Hour at Carlitos danced to the Bira sounds of Zimbabwe's Thomas Mapfumo's Nyoka Musango - much to the excitement of the Cartlitos faithful. Present for Zorba was Ngola (organising secretary), Ndoziya (advisor), Fatso (head coach) Mukono (advisor) and Elder Simba (head of security), and Tyson (vice secretary general)- and yours truly -

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